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Prospective Members

All new members are required to complete a JCRC membership application and submit appropriate dues to the Treasurer or other club officer. A Member's Information Package will provide new members with information on the club, flying requirements, the JCRC site and field safety rules. All JCRC members must carry current AMA membership (see AMA website ) and FAA registration as required by type of aircraft.

A PDF version of the application is available to download. Directions for submitting the application can be found on the form. Click here to download the application form. If you have any questions, contact the Treasurer or any club officer.

Membership Fees

Membership Types:

Adult Membership:
Must be an adult (over the age of 18 at the start of the current fiscal year). This membership shall include the primary and spouse and receive club-voting privileges (one vote per membership).
Family Membership:
An adult (over the age of 18 at the start of the current fiscal year) with additional family members (spouse, children, nephews and nieces and grandchildren – Does not include any adult family members beyond spouse). Family memberships receive one vote per membership.
Minor Membership:
Anyone under the age of 18 (at the start of the current fiscal year). Minor memberships do not receive any voting privileges.
Park Flyer Membership:
Any person that exclusively flies a “park flyer” aircraft as defined by the AMA park flyer criteria. Park Flyer memberships do not receive any voting privileges.

Note; if a Park Flyer membership recipient wants to move up to an Adult or Family membership in order to fly larger, faster, bigger aircraft, then the Park Flyer membership fee will be credited to the higher membership fee and the balance must be paid.
VIP Membership:
This is a “good will to public figures” type of membership. Examples of recipients would be the Board members of Johnson City, Congress persons, and / or the local FAA representative. Normally, this type of membership will be a non-flying member. This membership shall be renewed each year as long as the recipient still holds office or public interest that resulted in their initial VIP Membership. VIP Memberships will not receive any voting privileges.
Emeritus Membership:
This type of membership will be for individuals that recognize the proven value of an individual that brings a unique benefit to JCRC. Emeritus Members are typically non-flying, however, they are allowed to fly with assistance if deemed necessary. This membership will be automatically reviewed at the beginning of each fiscal year. The membership recipient will continue to receive the club newsletter and is included in all club events. Emeritus Memberships will not receive any voting privileges.

Renewal Fees (existing members):

Adult: $100 Renewal fees apply to the entire year
Family: $125
Park Flyer: $50
Minor: $25

New Member Fees: (pro-rated depending on month joined)

Adult 100 91 83 75 66 58 50 42 33 25 17 9
Family 125 114 103 93 83 72 62 52 42 31 21 11
Park Flyer 50 46 42 38 33 29 25 21 17 13 9 5
Minor 25 23 21 19 17 15 13 11 9 7 6 4