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July 2014 Pictures

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Anthony Anthony Teaching Ben Ben 2 Ben Ben teaching Ben, Ben, Danny, and visitor Ben Ben Bomb Bomb Drop Cherokee Cherokee Field.JPG
Cherokee Cherokee RC Fun Fly 053 Cherokee Cherokee RC Fun Fly 080 Cherokee Cherokee RC TM 1 Cherokee Cherokee RC TM 2 Concentration Concentration Craig Craig Danny Danny & Eddie
Danny Danny Teaching 1 Fun Fun Fest 11 Fun Fun Fest A Fun Fun Fest JCRC 003 Fun Fun Fest JCRC 007 Fun Fun Fest JCRC 009 Fun Fun Fest JCRC 015
Fun Fun Fest JCRC 018 Fun Fun Fest JCRC 021 Fun Fun Fest JCRC 028 Fun Fun Fest JCRC 030 Fun Fun Fest JCRC 034 Fun Fun Fest JCRC 038 Fun Fun Fly 10
Fun Fun Fly 1 Fun Fun Fly 10 Fun Fun Fly 11 Fun Fun Fly 12 Fun Fun Fly 13 Fun Fun Fly 2 Fun Fun Fly 3
Fun Fun Fly 4 Fun Fun Fly 5 Fun Fun Fly 6 Fun Fun Fly 7 Fun Fun Fly 8 Fun Fun Fly 9 G0018342 G0018342
G0028467 G0028467 JCRC JCRC Field Lee Lee 2 Lee Lee 3 Lee Lee Luther's Luther's Kadet Luther Luther
Michael Michael Phantom Phantom Flying Phantom Phantom T-33 Student Student 1 Student Student 2 Student Student 3 Student Student 4
Tail Tail Touch Thursday Thursday Flying 2 Thursday Thursday Flying Thursday Thursday Grilling WW WW I Biplane