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The following items are for sale by JCRC Club members:

Clyde Daniel
  1. Three Channel AM Transmitter and Receiver (Hitec FOCUS Z ss) Channel 28 - 72.350 MHz. The transmitter has one joy stick for elevator and rudder and a slide switch for speed control.
  2. One electronic speed controller (ESC)is included. The ESC has a BEC that allows power to come through the ESC from the flight battery to run the receiver and servos
  3. Three Speed 400 motors (one with a gear box)
  4. Three NiMh rechargeable batteries (9.6V / 1600 mah) about 8 months old and still work great
  5. One Ni Cad rechargeable battery (9.6V / ?mah) about 18 months old and still works fine
  6. All of this gear was used to fly a 3 Channel RC Airplane and it worked well. Price $50.00 for all.

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